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isn’t that

this dog hates her fucking life give me this dog

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The only video you need for this holiday season.

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This little rant described the way I look at religion perfectly.

ESPECIALLY what she said in the last two photos 

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I’m not okay

I’ll never be okay

but seriously, how often do you see a male main character- much less a main character of a shonen- be genuinely disappointed and angry with himself because he wasn’t sensitive and perceptive enough about a woman’s feelings? Not in a “because she’s mad now” way, but in a “I should have been there for her” way.


not a hell of a lot.

It makes me want to cry because people focus on the fact that females get written so poorly because females don’t appear as much or they don’t have added depth but it’s really similar for males now too and not for the same reasons.

We as a society have run into an issue where the males that get more screen time become devalued as well and time and time again you rarely see a large amount of depth in the male characters that are written anymore because they’ve been written so much people just add a few attributes to a male and boom they have a character, nobody really takes the time to add depth anymore and growing pains and let’s us see what it’s really like to be a male in society

Yet a woman who wrote a story about two brothers that featured men far more prominently than women wrote  all of these men to perfection and added depth and realism to their development.

Even the women had a lot of development.

A woman did that, she showed us what it was really like for men like Ed who have short tempers and are very opinionated and showed us his depth and emotion.

How sad and amazing is that?

Feminisim is a fight for equality and Arakawa helped the male side of the fight exponentially by writing FMA.

It’s ok for boys to be emotional because they are, boys aren’t emotionless, they go through a lot of the same abusive issues Edward and Al went through, it’s ok to cry, it’s ok to be human.

Thank you Arakawa for opening my eyes and letting me really see what the male side of things is really like because as a female we don’t get to see that kind of depth for our male characters, people write males for females as though they’re strong and minimize their flaws and don’t give them emotion but as a female I want to get attached to a flawed male character and to this day Edward and Al are still my boys.

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when you wait for the beat to drop before you start throwing snacks at people

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